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Keep Believing: Finding God in Your Deepest Struggles

Keep Believing: Finding God in Your Deepest Struggles

If you desire to strengthen and deepen your faith in every season of life and develop a muscular faith, then read Keep Believing. I absolutely love this book and you will too!
Dr. Jack Graham
Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX

Keep Believing will help anyone trying to find God when life tumbles in. This book offers biblical answers to the hard questions that keep us awake at night. Pastor Ray enables us to keep on keeping on when we feel like giving up. Read it! Study it! Share it with a friend!
H.B. Charles, Jr.
Pastor, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church​

The biggest barrier to faith is life itself.

Divorce. Cancer. Infertility. Death.

There are times in our lives in which God seems very far away. We don't understand His silence. We only feel the intensity of our pain and the echoing question of 'why?' The Bible declares that God is good, but can we still believe this when our lives are falling apart?

In Keep Believing, Dr. Pritchard affirms what the Bible declares: that God is good and His mercy endures forever. This is true regardless of our moment-by-moment experience. God has provided comfort in our times of struggle and healing in our times of hurt through the balm of His Word. You believed in the light of day; will you still believe at midnight?

Search the Scriptures with Dr. Pritchard for words of encouragement and hope. Put your confidence in the God who sorrowfully watched His Son suffer at Calvary for your benefit. Know that the same loving heavenly Father has everything completely under control. He is with you and longs to comfort you as you struggle through your hard times. Take a tell-tale look at your devotion to the Lord and His never-ending love and commitment to you in Keep Believing. You served God in the sunshine; will you now serve him in the shadows?


Dr. Ray Pritchard offers hope for the hurting based on the eternal truth of God’s Word. I recommend this book to anyone going through hard times because it will give you hope to keep on believing when you’d rather give up.
Bobby Richardson
Former New York Yankee All-Star Second Baseman

Winston Churchill famously said: “If you are going through hell, keep going.” In this wonderful book Ray Pritchard gives us biblical reasons to keep believing during the hard times, reasons that will fuel our ability to keep going until the better times.
Philip De Courcy
Pastor of Kindred Community Church, Anaheim Hills, California

Read this book now, even if you’re not presently hurting, because it will help prepare you to keep believing when the tough times come—and they will. This book helped me to realize that many of my “why” questions are never meant to be answered. The real question becomes, “Am I going to keep believing even though I don’t understand?”
Brian Bill
Pastor, Edgewood Baptist Church, Rock Island, IL

Keep Believing is A learning tool for the mature Christian, and for the person searching for peace when the bottom drops out and life is hard to take. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend it!
Thomas S. Klobucher
Founder and CEO Thomas Interiors Inc.

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